Auto-Mobile Sanitization Services – In Delhi NCR

Auto-mobile sanitization service: The sanitization become an essential part of our routine life. Sanitization is one of the best and most effective ways to fight against invisible bacterias and viruses.

Sanitization Agency services are here to provide you with the best auto-mobile sanitization services at your own convenient time and date. Looking at the current scenario, we are facing a global emergency through the outbreak of Coronavirus.

You and your passenger might come in contact with a lot of other places in your car. We ensure, to give special attention to the most touched areas in a car. its vital to to get auto-mobile sanitization services as each day we go out in our car.

Our Sanitization Agency services are here to provide you with the best auto-mobile sanitization services at your own convenient time and date. Looking at the current scenario we are facing a global emergency through the outbreak of Coronavirus.

We ensure you with the Best services

  • 24/7 Emergency Response
  • 24/7 auto-mobile sanitization service 
  • Testing & Certification
  • Uniformed Personnel
  • Professionally Trained 
  • Licensed, Insured & Bonded

Auto-mobile sanitization services take places on the interior & the exterior part of the automobile!


Vacuum (Interior): It’s imperative to use a brush to scrub off the surface. Our team of specialists use the handheld vacuum cleaners in the anti-clock direction to ensure that all the dust particles are dust off is must in a auto-mobile sanitization services.
Rinse the windows (exterior): Our team of experts uses the razor blades at the 45 angles, with 59% sanitizer content glass cleaner and wiping it off with the soft microfiber cloth.
Wipe the windows (interior): we use soft bristles brush to clean and scrub off the windows. After that, we use a microfiber cloth to wipe the windows.
Purification of the upholstery: our team uses interior car shampoo which has high foaming intensity. Using water with it and wiping it up with the highly absorbing cloth.
Sweeping the doors (interior): As the doors get dirty very quickly with our hands or feet. We assure you that we keep this part more carefully and by covering the control panel with multiple plastic sheets. Then we use small brushes to clean the tiny areas of the car.Refining the wheels (exterior): the team of the sanitization agency washes the wheels with mild soap. with a purpose cleanser and using small and regular brushes to clean the tires properly.
Cleansing the dashboard (interior): our team prefers to clean it with mild soap and warm water.Washing the ṣouter body of the vehicle (exterior): our team of experts waters the car outside and then use a scrubber then your car goes through the windscreen window, doorknobs, head & tail lights to ensure that auto-mobile sanitization services is done the right way.


  • Step 1: Start with applying the gel cleanser and spray it with the cleaner. Leave the solvent for 10-12 minutes.
  • Step2: Take a sponge soaked in Freshwater & substantial part of the vehicle. Our team of experts ensures that they don’t rub the seat of the body roughly.
  • Step 3: We the brush to reach the tiny areas and the rear fenders inside the scooter. Water entirely and wipe it off with the cloth and ensure that it’s dry. Use an auto-mobile sanitization services solution.
  • Step 4: Sanitize the scooter seat with a leather resistance solution as it is the most unprotected part.

What precautions are we taking at the time of auto-mobile sanitization services  at Sanitization Agency?

  • We keep in our minds that you and you would come in contact with different people and different places. Our team of experts ensure to take a complete steps of sanitizing and disinfecting your auto-mobile.
  • We offer our clients a smooth and hassle-free pick and drop auto-mobile sanitization services to make it convenient. 

Staff & Service Procedures

In the Sanitization agency, As your vehicle we avoid contact with the automobile. After Each service, the tools are sterilised with agents to ensure your safety and our team of experts dispose off the gloves, face-mask, bodysuit, and face shield. the team specially covers the seat and the steering wheel to avoid the professionals to come in a direct contact with the seats as it is utilised by different passengers,.

From the exterior and the interior of the vehicle we focus on the profound touched areas . At Sanitization Agency , the professionals are given an in-depth knowledge about which and how to sanitize the car parts.

We offer a warm greeting, keeping in mind the actions along with the safety measure. To ensure the safety of the staff and the client we promote “Namaste Culture,” which stands for “No handshake”.

Is regularly cleaning & sanitizing important?

As most of the time or vehicles are parked outside the glossy store or homes. you need disinfectant after every 10 days. One should take out time for sanitizing and cleaning, twice a week. Taking precautionary measures , As there are 500k deaths taking place.
Keeping our cars germ, virus & bacteria free and healthy and put a stop to the spreading of this deadly virus with the help of auto-mobile sanitization services

Things to keep in mind the time of Auto-mobile sanitization services

Ensure that you clean and sanitize the seats, steering, car roof, and the doorknobs.Rubbing the steering wheel, door knobs or dusting the seats or cleaning windows won’t is the correct way. 
Use a vacuum cleaner for seals and the roof of the car.Viruses, bacterias, and germs are tiniest and invisible creatures that can breed on colonized in many areas in the car without any visible outgrowth for a longer time. 
Clean and sanitize the AC vents and the dashboard and Sanitize the windows and doorknobs inside-out.These microorganisms need to be removed by the sanitization shield treatment for your car.

Sanitizing spray services- Automobiles

Sanitizing spray service is the advance and a secure form of sanitization of the automobile. It’s a transparent antimicrobial coating on the surface of the car that gives 99.99% germ kill protection and is useful for  30 days. It provides an effective shield to the vehicle. Sanitizing spray service would stay for 30 days If the car is used by multiple people every day Sanitizing spray services for auto-mobile sanitization services is a pocket-friendly and quick and most effective way to sanitize your vehicle


As there is an increase in  COVID-19 cases in the nation, and every day we are getting new information about how to sanitize our home, offices, vehicles, etc. COVID-19 has made us realize the immortals of the auto-mobile sanitization services to keep ourselves safe and our surroundings healthy & germs,virus-free. We understand that each surface in a car needs different and special attention. a car is made up of several types of materials like hard plastics, leathers, rubber, linen, metals like aluminum and iron, wood or plywood, and glass.
All these materials are the perfect breeding grounds of viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms.